It is currently one of the fastest growing neighborhoods surrounding Boston.

Welcome to Natick

A walkable, suburban neighborhood filled with great schools and fantastic shopping  
Natick is a suburb outside of Boston with easy access to the city and surrounding green spaces. Residents love Natick for its vibrancy and small-town atmosphere. It’s in a perfect location and has two commute rail lines that bring locals to and from downtown Boston. Route 9 and I-95 run directly through Natick, making it easy to access the amenities just outside of Boston, such as skiing and hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire or splashing on the beach in Cape Cod.

What to Love

  • A comfortable, walkable neighborhood
  • Exceptional schools for raising a family
  • High-end shopping opportunities

Local Lifestyle

Natick has a great small-town feel, with a bustling downtown filled with community and fun. As one of the most sought-after suburbs in Boston, Natick is exclusive and luxurious, with plenty of activities for the entire family. Locals love the fantastic coffee shops, restaurants, and high-end shopping options in the Natick Mall. Here, luxury retailers sell the trendiest fashions alongside classic looks. With great schools and beautiful homes, it's no wonder Natick is in high demand.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Casey's Diner is an iconic institution of Natick. Founded in 1890, this landmark diner serves New England classics, from burgers to breakfast fare to steamed hot dogs. Casey’s is truly outstanding, a must-visit in Natick.

Buttercup is a farm-to-table restaurant in Natick featuring the best of local produce. The menu features contemporary American cuisine in a chic yet comfortable atmosphere. For more fresh farm fare, Belkin Family Lookout Farm offers farm-to-table dining and plenty of outdoor experiences, such as picking your own fruit and walking trails through the farm.

Charles River Coffee House is a cozy Natick staple as well. With a comfortable seating area, patio, and some of the best coffee creations around, Charles River Coffee House is the perfect way to unwind on the weekend or start your workday.

When it’s time to shop, Tillys brings the So-Cal vibe to New England. With hip outfits inspired by a life of skating and surfing, Tillys is a delightful contrast and can be found within the Natick Mall, the shopping mecca of New England. With high-end shopping options like Nordstrom, Apple, and more, the Natick Mall covers all your shopping needs.

Things to Do

Natick is right in the heart of New England, with access to pastoral farms serving some of the country's most delicious produce. Natick Farmer’s Market has a host of vendors that offer local meats, produce, and crafts alongside live music and tasty snacks throughout the spring and summer months. During the height of summer, the Natick Common downtown celebrates the Fourth of July in style with a parade and community celebrations throughout the day.

The Fourth of July isn’t the only celebration in Natick. Each year the Natick Center Cultural District holds a Natick Days celebration in the Natick Common. Featuring local restaurants, entertainment, and games for the whole family, Natick Days are a time to come together with the community and celebrate.

Natick is right in the heart of Massachusetts and local to unique outdoor preserves. The Broadmoor Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary offers comfortable walkways through diverse terrain for exploring nature and wildlife spotting. Wander through the elevated walkways to explore the edge of the Charles River. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars to spot some of the 175 bird species native to the area.

The Natick Community Farm is an organic working farm offering walking tours, classes, and special events to the community, alongside delicious produce straight from the Earth. The suburbs of Boston are perfect for sprawling golf courses and offer an excellent way to enjoy the New England sunshine. The Sassamon Trace Golf Course offers a thoughtfully planned course with beautifully manicured greens and lovely New England scenery.


Natick is served by Natick Public Schools, a highly-rated school district, and many private options. Students may attend:


Frequently Asked Questions About Natick Real Estate Trends

  1. What are the current real estate trends in Natick?

    The real estate market in Natick, MA, is experiencing robust growth, characterized by high demand and rising property values. This trend is driven by the town's desirable location, excellent school system, and strong local economy. Natick attracts a diverse range of buyers, from young professionals to families and retirees, all seeking the quality of life the town offers. As a result, homes in Natick often sell quickly and at competitive prices. New developments and upscale housing projects are also on the rise, reflecting the area's continued appeal and growth potential.

  2. How have property values in Natick changed in recent years?

    Property values in Natick have seen steady appreciation over the past several years. This increase is fueled by the town's growing popularity and limited housing inventory. Factors such as Natick's excellent schools, vibrant downtown, and proximity to Boston contribute to the strong demand for housing. The market is competitive, with buyers frequently engaging in bidding wars for desirable properties. This trend of rising property values is expected to continue as more people discover the benefits of living in Natick.

  3. What types of properties are most common in Natick?

    Natick offers a diverse mix of properties, including single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums. Single-family homes are particularly prevalent, featuring a range of architectural styles from historic colonial and Victorian houses to contemporary designs. Townhouses and condos provide more affordable and low-maintenance living options, appealing to young professionals and empty nesters. The variety of housing options ensures that buyers can find properties that suit their preferences and lifestyles, whether they are looking for spacious family homes or convenient urban living spaces.

  4. What should potential homebuyers know about purchasing real estate in Natick?

    Potential homebuyers in Natick should be prepared for a competitive market, where properties can sell quickly and above the asking price. It's crucial to have pre-approved financing and work with an experienced local real estate agent who understands the nuances of the Natick market. Buyers should also consider the long-term potential of the area, including upcoming developments and local infrastructure improvements. Additionally, understanding the town's zoning regulations and property taxes can help buyers make informed decisions. Engaging with a knowledgeable real estate professional can provide valuable insights and assistance in navigating the buying process.

  5. Is Natick a good area for real estate investment?

    Natick is considered a strong area for real estate investment due to its steady property value appreciation and high demand for housing. The town's appeal to families, professionals, and retirees ensures a stable rental market and potential for long-term capital growth. Investors can find opportunities in single-family homes, townhouses, and new developments. The ongoing interest in Natick as a desirable residential location, combined with its excellent amenities and proximity to Boston, makes it a promising area for real estate investment. Conducting thorough market research and working with experienced local real estate professionals can help maximize investment returns.

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